Product Support

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Owner & Installation Manuals
icon Sectional Dock Owner's Manual 2005 - Present (2.83 MB)
icon Roll-In Dock Owner's Manual (2.88 MB)
icon e-Dock Owner's Manual (5.52 MB)
icon Tripod Winch Assembly (Easy Shipping) (2.09 MB)
icon Dock Stairs Assembly (1.57 MB)
icon Re-Surfacing Carpet Sections w/ Vinyl Strips (188.77 kB)
icon Boat Lift Owner's Manual (7.23 MB)
icon Lift Screw Legs Instructions (550.3 kB)
icon Lift Jack Assembly (Easy Shipping) (1.28 MB)
icon Hydraulic Vertical Lifts: 2013 - Present (2.18 MB)
icon Hydraulic Vertical Lifts: 2006 - 2012 (4.8 MB)
icon Hydraulic Vertical Lifts: Prior to 2006 (1.62 MB)

icon Programming Hydraulic Remote Fobs (294.2 kB)
icon Bioblend AW-46 (913.78 kB)

icon Canopy Tarp Installation (93.38 kB)
icon Seamark Canopy Tarp Care (79.12 kB)


Limited Warranties

icon Pier Pleasure Boat Lift Limited Warranty (220.33 kB)

icon Pier Pleasure Dock Limited Warranty (224.21 kB)

icon Vinyl Deck Limited Warranty (66.11 kB

icon Titan Deck Limited Warranty (57.75 kB)

Pier Pleasure's limited warranty does not cover wind, storm or ice damage. Do not leave any Pier Pleasure product in the water during winter months. Leaving product in freezing water in all situations is not recommended. Any liability for damages caused by leaving product in freezing water will not be covered under warranty.

Warranty Registration
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Limited Warranties
Aluminum Lift Frame Structure 20 Years
Lift Frame Weld Integrity 20 Years
Vinyl Canopy Tarp (Pro-Rated) 5 Years
Seamark Canopy Tarp (Pro-Rated) 5 Years
Aluminum Box Winch 5 Years
Pulleys And Sheaves 2 Years
Stainless Cables 2 Years
Hydraulic System
2 Years
Lift Accessories 2 Years
Aluminum Dock Frame Structure 20 Years
Dock Frame Weld Integrity 20 Years
Leg Adjustment Mechanism Lifetime
Vinyl Surfaces 20 Years
Titan Deck Panel 12 Years
Aluminum Surfaces 5 Years
Wood Surfaces 90 Days
Dock Accessories 2 Years


If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days from delivery, we will replace the product with another of equal value or refund your money.