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icon Pier Pleasure Full Literature (5.41 MB)

Sectional Dock Literature
icon Sectional Dock System (2.58 MB)
icon Dock Accessories (957.21 kB)
icon Reasons to Own a Pier Pleasure Sectional Dock (1.36 MB)
Roll-In Dock Literature
icon Roll-In Dock System (1.68 MB)
icon Roll-In Buyer's Guide (5.11 MB)
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e-Docks Dock Literature
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icon Dock Accessories (957.21 kB)
Lift Literature
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icon Personal Watercraft Lifts (614.54 kB)
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icon Reasons to Own a Pier Pleasure Lift (1.21 MB)

icon Pier Pleasure Literature (5.41 MB)


All visual representations, dimensions, and specifications contained in this literature are based on the latest product information available at time of publication approval. The right is reserved to make changes in materials, equipment, design, specifications, models, and to discontinue models.

Dock layouts and photos shown in this literature may not meet local and state regulations in your area.

Pier Pleasure's warranty does not cover wind, storm, or ice damage. Do not leave any Pier Pleasure product in the water during winter months. Leaving product in freezing water in all situations is not recommended. Any liability for damages caused by leaving product in freezing water will not be covered under warranty.