e‐Dock : Post Style Sectional Dock

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Pier Pleasure E-Dock

The Pier Pleasure e-Dock features an all aluminum dock  frame and Titan deck panels.  The features found in this post-style dock will meet and exceed the requirements that you are searching for in an economical dock.  The simple design of any post-style dock keeps the cost very competitive compared to other dock designs.  The Pier Pleasure e-Dock has additional features not found in other post-style docks.

• The tracks on the e-Dock frame rails allow for the aluminum channel connection
   brackets and post legs to be bolted in any location on the dock frame.   This
   allows you to create any dock layout you desire.  The dock layout can easily be
   modifed in the future as your dock needs change.
• Every section has the option of 6' or 8' posts.
• Stainless Steel & Brass Fasteners – Rust free operation.
• Quad-
Braced legs add additional stability to every section.
• Clean dock appearance can be achieved by cutting off posts below the deck panels and
   still have height adjustment.
• The Titan deck panels may be secured permanently to the dock frame with stainless steel
   tek screws.

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The 4' x 8' sections are connected end-to-end and side-to-side using movable hinge brackets. The first sections can form a ramp up or down allowing for formation to any shoreline terrain. For maximum stability the dock legs are braced from front-to-back and from side-to-side. 

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Functionality, Durability & Flexibility

Our e-dock system flexibility allows for virtually unlimited layout options and additional sections can be easily added at any time to customize your dock layout to fit your needs as they change. 

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E-dock 4-1a

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