Sectional Dock Installation & Removal

Can Be Installed & Removed Without Entering The Water!

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install-step-01 install-step-02 install-step-03
Carry the dock frame out onto the dock. 4' x 8' section frames with legs weigh 65 lbs.
Connect dock sections using Pier Pleasure's unique, interlocking hinges.
Lower the section into the water with the use of a rope. No bolts, pins or tools are needed to connect dock sections.
install-step-04 install-step-05 install-step-06
Install panels into the dock frame. Level section with the use of the adjustment crank. Level indicators on the side of each leg show you when you have reached your desired height. Add water to the tubular frame for additional weight and stability.



Dock Remo


Dock Storage


Install dock accessories wherever you choose. Spaces between deck planks allow you to install accessories without the need to drill unsightly holes. After the accessories are removed and water is drained, remove dock frames with the optional tripod winch. Carry frames and stack on shore for storage. The sectional design of the Pier Pleasure system allows you to stack the frames and panels where there is limited space.

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