Lift Screw Legs

lift-screw-legsAvailable for 3000# ‐ 8000# Boat Lifts

The Lift Screw Legs makes leveling your Pier Pleasure boat lift easy. The standard lift screw leg has a 48” inner leg and a 36” long ACME threaded screw. This allows the leg to extend 32” from being fully retracted.  Using the provided hex bit and cordless drill, the lift raises and lower quickly and effortlessly.  Never raise the lift with weight of the boat on the lift. 

The Lift Screw Legs can be ordered with any new 3000# ‐ 8000# Pier Pleasure boat lift.  To add Lift Screw Legs to any existing Pier Pleasure boat lift, 5/8” holes can be drilled in the four uprights.
icon Lift Screw Legs Instructions (550.3 kB)


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