Aluminum Dock Surface

Aluminum Surfacealuminum-surface-dock

Extruded aluminum deck planks are painted with a baked-on enamel fi nish that has a light gray textured surface. The grooved design is attractive and assists with quick water drainage. The aluminum deck panels are durable and will last for many years.

The aluminum deck surface is made into 4' x 4' panels that are easily inserted into and removed from the aluminum dock frame. With the panels this size, they are easy to carry, transport, and store. The removable surface also makes for easier installation and removal of your dock.

Pier Pleasure's warranty does not cover wind, storm or ice damage. Do not leave any products in the water during winter months. Leaving product in freezing water in all situations is not recommended.  Any liability for damages caused by leaving product in freezing water will not be covered under warranty.

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